Crew Data, Immi­gra­tion Forms,
Agree­ments, Per­so­nal Cruise Logs


Crew data, immigration forms, agreements, personal cruise logs

With the Add-on Crew you always have any important data on your crew, the ship (or ships) and all your voy­a­ges to hand and can create with only a few steps forms and agree­ments. The Add-on Crew is a ver­sa­tile addi­tion to Logbook – both for shipow­ners and for charterers. 

Using the data from the three data sheets Ship, Per­sons and Voy­a­ges you can easily create and print various forms:

  • immi­gra­tion forms
  • agree­ments bet­ween crew mem­bers and skipper
  • pro­to­cols of safety instructions
  • per­so­nal cruise logs for the crew members

With the Add-on Crew you can create for each person of the crew a Person Data Sheet in which the most important infor­ma­tion is put tog­e­ther. These is in addi­tion to the address and iden­tity data etc. also medi­cal infor­ma­tion that should be available for every skip­per. The requi­red per­so­nal infor­ma­tion can easily be reques­ted by an email which is auto­ma­ti­cally send to the crew mem­bers. The data pro­vi­ded in the reply email is then trans­fer­red into Crew.

Unlike to Logbook the Add-on Crew is not limi­ted to one ship. Thus char­ter skip­pers can import the data from seve­ral ships mana­ged in dif­fe­rent Logbook files into Crew and use the same person data for voy­a­ges with dif­fe­rent ships.

You can manage all the data of your tra­vels which is needed for the forms, agree­ments and per­so­nal cruise logs with the data­sheet Voy­a­ges

Travel data and names of the per­sons of the crew can easily be ente­red by import­ing trips directly from Logbook.

Prin­tout from Crew: Short entry form
Prin­tout from Crew: A per­so­nal cruise log

In the demo mode of Crew, you can create two per­sons, one ship and one trip as well as two con­tracts, two entry forms, two cruise logs and one secu­rity brie­fing each. Ente­ring a serial number con­verts your trial ver­sion of Crew into a full ver­sion for unli­mi­ted use.

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