Keep Track of your Ship’s Storage
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Keep track of your ship’s storage 

In a ship there are many dif­fe­rent places where you can store your things and many items that need to be stowed. But how to keep track of this?
For this task our Add-on Inventory is very hel­pful. With Inventory you can manage quite easily the sto­rage and inventory of all items in your ship.

You can spe­cify in Inventory for each item exactly where it is stored using a hier­ar­chi­cal struc­ture with four levels (eg. saloon, port side, locker under seat, red box). This ensu­res that you will find ever­y­thing wit­hout sear­ching through the whole ship. 
The use of cate­go­ries for your items such as tools, spare parts, deter­gents and various sort­ing func­tions ease the search for a spe­ci­fic item in the inventory list. For each item a mini­mum amount can be spe­ci­fied. When this mini­mum amount is rea­ched or excee­ded, a highly visi­ble color mar­king high­lights that a soon rep­le­nish­ment is needed. In addi­tion, an expi­ra­tion date can be spe­ci­fied. A color marker then indi­ca­tes the shelf life status.
Manu­fac­tu­rer, part number and sup­plier of the item can also be stored in Inventory, as well as up to four photos per entry.

The search func­tion of Inventory pro­vi­des a text search and a func­tion to search for items at low or very low inventory. This makes it really easy to create shop­ping lists.

And of course the lists and the detail views can be prin­ted out. For this Inventory provides—as well as the other modu­les of Logbook Suite—special lay­outs that are opti­mi­sed for printing. 

If you use the Add-on Maintenance, Inventory is a good addi­tion. Because Inventory com­mu­ni­ca­tes with the Add-on Maintenance. In Maintenance you can select the tools and mate­ri­als you need from your ship’s inventory in Inventory, and in Maintenance you can see the loca­tion of the parts you need.   

By the way, Inventory is not only a useful inventory manage­ment tool for the ship, but als very hel­pful to keep track of the inventory in the hobby room or the work­shop, the maintenance of stocks and many more.

The Add-on Inventory can be used in Logbook Suite on Mac, with Win­dows and on the iPad and in Logbook Suite Pho­ne­Tools on iPhone.

The inventory list in list view
The detailed view shows all details on the sto­rage loca­tion, the inventory and the pro­cu­re­ment of the item.

In the demo mode of Inventory you can create nine ent­ries. Ente­ring a serial number con­verts your trial ver­sion of Inventory into a full ver­sion with unli­mi­ted use.

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