First-Aid Kit
First Aid wit­hout having to Search
in the Medi­cine Box
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First-Aid Kit

First aid without having to search in the medicine box

In case of emer­gency quickly find the right medi­ca­tion with the Add-on First-Aid Kit and keep track of which medi­ca­ti­ons soon will no longer be preserved.

The Add-on First-Aid Kit gives an over­view of all medi­cine and medi­cal aids that you have in your first aid box. For every drug you can enter infor­ma­tion on the indi­ca­tion and medi­ca­tion. With help of the search func­tion of you will quickly find the appro­priate medication.

First-Aid Kit shows for each medi­cine and medi­cal aid where it is stored on your ship, how many units are still available in your medi­cine box and the expiry dates. Colo­red mar­kers hig­light medi­ca­ti­ons that are no longer available in suf­fi­ci­ent quan­ti­ties, or need to be repla­ced with new ones soon. The expi­ra­tion dates can be trans­fer­red directly as dates into the visual calen­dar of the Add-on Scheduler.

In the usage list you record which medi­ci­nes and medi­cal aids were used when, for whom and in what quan­tity. First-Aid Kit auto­ma­ti­cally adjusts the cur­rent stock. The usage list is par­ti­cu­larly hel­pful if you also have medi­ca­tion on board that is sub­ject to com­pul­sory documentation.

The Add-on First-Aid Kit can be used in Logbook Suite on Mac, with Win­dows and on the iPad and in Logbook Suite Pho­ne­Tools on iPhone.

The list view in First-Aid Kit: Colo­red mar­kers high­light drugs that expire soon and if the stock is still sufficient
The detail view shows infor­ma­tion on medi­ca­tion such as indi­ca­tion and appli­ca­tion but also the cur­rent stock as well as the expi­ra­tion dates.

In the demo mode of First-Aid Kit you can create nine ent­ries for medi­ci­nes and medi­cal aids. Ente­ring a serial number con­verts your trial ver­sion of First-Aid Kit into a full ver­sion with unli­mi­ted use.

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